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1. How to spend my weekendIam going to prepare for my lessons because the Mid-term exam is coming. I am sure if I have good preparation, I will get good grades. I am going to help my parents do some housework because they work hard every day.Of course I will visit my good friend and play table tennis with him because doing sports is good for our health. I will surf the internet and listen to music because they are good ways to relax. I am sure I will have a busy and meaningful weekend. 我打算复习功课,因为期中考试即将到来,我相信如果做好充足的准备,我一定会取得好成绩的。





2 How to learn English wellLearning English just like learning any other language, is hard work so my first advice is to spend much time practicing using English every day. Besides, we should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class. Go over what is learnt regularly and finish doing our homework carefully. Listen to English radio programmes, read English stories and newspapers, watch English films and TV programmes ,keep a diary in English and attend English debbates and speech contests. If we make mistakes, correct them at once and try not to make the same mistakes. What's more, we should look up new words in the dictionary before class and prepare each lesson carefully before class. I believe if we work hard and have good ways of learning English, we will learn English well.学习英语就象学习其他语言一样是艰辛的。









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1. The power of smiles微笑的力量 2. The meaning of life人生的意义 3. Value every minute珍惜每一分(秒) 4.Never give up永不放弃 5.The greatest pain in life人生最大的悲痛 6.Shake it off and step up重整旗鼓向前进 7.Nothing to fear无所畏惧 8.Yesterday, today and tomorrow昨天,今天和明天 9 Love is understanding爱就是理解 10.Grandma's vase/grandpa's chair/mom's gloves/dad's bike 外婆的花瓶/爷爷的椅子/母亲的手套/父亲的自行车 提问者:RBilly - 助理 二级 : 选了十个题目.你可试写一两个.平时多下手写写感想.多思考些日常小事, 其实就是把你平时的一些想法,或是注意到一些现象,整理一下.加点个人想法,就会是一篇很好的文章了.只要是发自内心的声音都会是动听的.考试时你也会下笔如神了.懂吗? 祝好! 随便写点什么,可是一些感想,也可以是一小段描写,总之你能中文写的东西也要尝试着用英语写,这样时间久了就好了.

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抱歉,不知道您需要什么水平的澳门365体育投注赌博_外围365体育投注 网址_bet365体育投注appA Rainy Daythe weather was so bad today as well as my mood.i failed in my test and was scolded by my teacher.i was so upset because i had try my best and spent a lot of time doing exercise.to make things worse,it started to rain when the class is over.i stared at the gray sky,wondering whether i should to run in the rain.suddenly, someone patted my shoulder.i turned back immediately and find it was my best friend.saying nothing,he give me his umbrella with a smile.i felt so moved and warm.

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There" is no better than "Here" Many people believe that they will be happy once they arrive at some specific goal they set for themselves. However, more often than not, once you arrive " there" you will still feel dissatisfied, and move your " there" vision to yet another point in the future. By always chasing after another "there," you are never really appreciating what you already have right "here." It is important for human beings to keep soberminded about the age-old drive to look beyond the place where you now stand. On one hand, your life is enhanced by your dreams and aspirations. On the other hand, these drives can pull you farther and farther from your enjoyment of your life right now. By learning the lessons of gratitude and abundance, you can bring yourself closer to fulfilling the challenge of living in the present. Gratitude To be grateful means you are thankful for and appreciative of what you have and where you are on your path right now. Gratitude fills your heart with the joyful feeling and allows you to fully appreciate everything that arises on your path. As you strive to keep your focus on the present moment, you can experience the full wonder of "here." There are many ways to cultivate gratitude. Here are just a few suggestions you may wish to try: 1. Imagine what your life would be like if you lost all that you had. This will most surely remind you of how much you do appreciate it. 2. Make a list each day of all that you are grateful for, so that you can stay conscious daily of your blessings. Do this especially when you are feeling as though you have nothing to feel grateful for. Or spend a few minutes before you go to sleep giving thanks for all that you have. 3. Spend time offering assistance to those who are less fortunate than you, so that you may gain perspective. However you choose to learn gratitude is irrelevant. What really matters is that you create a space in your consciousness for appreciation for all that you have right now, so that you may live more joyously in your present moment. Abundance One of the most common human fears is scarcity. Many people are afraid of not having enough of what they need or want, and so they are always striving to get to a point when they would finally have enough. Alan and Linda always dreamed of living "the good life." Both from poor working-class families, they married young and set out to fulfill their mutual goal of becoming wealthy. They both worked very hard for years, amassing a small fortune, so they could move from their two-bedroom home to a palatial seven-bedroom home in the most upscale neighborhood. They focused their energies on accumulating all the things they believed signified abundance: membership in the local exclusive country club, luxury cars, designer clothing, and high-class society friends. No matter how much they accumulated, however, it never seemed to be enough. They were unable to erase the deep fear of scarcity both had acquired in childhood. They needed to learn the lesson of abundance. Then the stock market crashed in 1987, and Alan and Linda lost a considerable amount of money. A bizarre but costly lawsuit depleted another huge portion of their savings. One thing led to another, and they found themselves in a financial disaster. Assets needed to be sold, and eventually they lost the country club membership, the cars, and the house. It took several years and much hard work for Alan and Linda to land on their feet, and though they now live a life far from extravagant, they have taken stock of their lives and feel quite blessed. Only now, as they assess what they have left -- a solid, loving marriage, their health, a dependable income, and good friends -- do they realize that true abundance comes not from amassing, but rather from appreciating. Scarcity consciousness arises as a result of the "hole-in-the-soul syndrome." This is when we attempt to fill the gaps in our inner lives with things from the outside world. But like puzzle pieces, you can't fit something in where it does not naturally belong. No amount of external objects, affection, love, or attention can ever fill an inner void. We already have enough, so we should revel in our own interior abundance. 彼岸无尽头,知足才常乐 许多人都相信,一旦他们达到了自己所设定的某个特定目标,他们就会开心、快乐。






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英文:In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think that having a dream means that we have an idea, and then we will do all the things to achieve the target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won't be blind at least. My dream is to become a successful stateman, helping those people who need help with their rights. Of course, to be a good stateman is very difficult, but I will do whatever I can do to keep everyone satisfied. That's my dream. I want to try my best to help the poor sick people of our country. China is a developing country which needs good stateman,especially in the countryside and distant villages. Now I'm a junior student on Grade One, My dream is also that although at present I'm good at study, I'll still try my best to be the study winner. Now everything I do is close to my dream. I feel life is fill with hope and is colorful, and I have enough confidence to realize my dream. 翻译:在我心目中,每个人都应当有自己的梦想。











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希望您满意!1 No classical work could pervade every cubic centimeter of air with such cultural fragrance but she. No judicious sage could merge various elements as a magnificent poem but she. No green tree could consist of vivid cells arousing every heart's anxiety for being young forever but she. She is my university Fudan University. The first time I entered the campus as a freshman, I was deeply attracted by her cultural atmosphere and historical connotation. Fudan is a graceful lady who is accustomed to serenity but meanwhile each action of hers outpours her innermost tern perament. Apparently it is worth every effort to probe into her world for the sake of both physical and mental enrichment. Her humanistic spirit inspires me to care for everything around, even the most trivial one. On the other hand, catching up with the times, Fudan is modern and smart. You see, the many age-old buildings here are actually great libraries and labs. Scientific and technological developrnent is easily smelt in the air,because she never lags behind the world. Fabulously, such a historical and scientific school is far more than an operational mechanism. Her everlasting youth and vigor beam through every corner of the campus and the young in school vivify every piece of concrete and wood here. What makes me happy and strong is that it perpetuates me with unfading energy. And it is definitely beneficial for me to be granted enthusi Another deep impression of my university is her creativity and profundity. As is known to all, she has a wide range and comprehensive style. No wonder I can enjoy the multi-ceolored life here. Every school year a diversity of competitions and aetivities are held and a large number of students take active part in them. I do appreciate such a style, and in my mind's eye, she resembles a tall tree silhouetting with all shapes of branches while stretching far into the blue sky. Undoubtedly there is a world of difference between university and high school. University students are supposed to enjoy more freedom to develop themselves. However, Fudan seems more concerned about the efficient cooperation and teamwork among students as to prepare them for the competitive society. I believe upon graduation I will be equipped with abundant skills to face more unknown challenges. After all, in my opinion, university is for more cultivated character, richer knowledge and greater abilities. That's why I chose Fudan. She provides me with what I've dreamed of. Now all kinds of successes are in sight every day, and all I have to do is endeavor for a more beautiful future...2 As a sophomore, I am feeling the time flies. Recalling about the past one year, so many thoughts are flooding in my mind. At this time, I just can't tell my real idea. The memory is just like so fresh, and all the things happened yesterday! When first day I came to University, I really feel that the school is very good, but at the first sight of the dormitory, something disappointing come up to me! The condition of the dormitory is really very poor with only one room, no lavatory! I saw something sad in my father's eyes, maybe that time he thought of the poor condition! So with a big smile on my face, I told my father” it doesn't matter, Dad. In this kind of condition, I will get myself better!” My father felt better. But when he was coming back, seeing his back, I just wanted to cry! I felt in this city I was just isolated, from that time, I said to myself, “ you have no others who can help you here, just depend on yourself” And then I came to my dormitory 303. I considered that I would spend four years here (in fact I moved to another one year later) and my dorm mates are all there. Most of them came from Sichuan and they were chatting with a happy voice, but I can't understand them! Again, I felt myself isolated! I hated that kind of feeling, and then I said to hello to them! To my surprise they are very friendly to me and warm-hearted! I no longer felt afraid. And I got along well with them. But at the first night here, I burst out to tears for that I was missing my family. I don't know why. Everyday when I was at home, I was just eager to go to school, to experience the wonderful college life but when coming here, I am just eager to go back! It's quite strange though, you must know this kind of feeling! Just spending about 2 days here, we were on our way to military train. To us, it's a fresh train and a kind of experience to know the life between the classmates. But to me, I was nervous but excited. This was my first and precious train life because before going to school I have been staying with my ...

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I want to be a teacherI want to be a teacher because I love to bring others knowledge and happiness. When I am in school, I always listen to my teacher carefully. By this way, I feel that being a teacher must be very great. According to my experience, I find most teachers are attractive not because of their physical beauty but because of their heart beauty. In a word, a teacher can be always helpful to other people. And that is what I want to do in the future: a helpful and kind man.I want to be a singer. Because I love to sing, and I think sing a song make me relax. I watched a vocal concert when I was twelve years old. From then on, I think the music is the most wonderful everything .But making a good singer is not easy. At first, I must be a good student now. I believe my dream will come ture some day.No let me stop the footsteps of dream-chaser.Finally,I think I will succed.

英语澳门365体育投注赌博_外围365体育投注 网址_bet365体育投注app:我如何学习英语 带翻译

How to learn English First ,you should speak English in class .首先,你应该在课堂上说英语。

After class ,talk to your class in English as you can .课后,与你的同学们谈话尽量用英语。

You can ask help for your teacher and class if you not uderstand.当你在不懂时可以向你的同学和老师寻求帮助。

You should write dow grammer mistakes and write down the correct spelling or the grammer next to the mistakes.你应该记下你语法错误并且改正在错误的旁边。

You should listen to the radio or read newspaper for your listening and seeing .你应该多听广播或是看报来帮助你的听力开拓你的视野。

Try to remenber 1-5 words every day ,then you can lean English well day by day .尝试每天记1-5个单词,这样你的英语会一天天地学得很好。

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Dear MaryI'm Li Hua, I am your next semester's students, our class has 50 students, we study very hard, we often help each other, so the grades are good, you can speak two languages, English and Chinese , please do not worry about, and speak to us, so, we can teach you English, you can teach us English.See you soon!Li Hua。

英语:Today is already 2010, and as China's rapid economic development and population growth, city size has continued to expand, and this is brought benefits, living conditions were improving and business have developed rapidly, attracting more investment. But more importantly, damage to farmland, causing all kinds of pollution, wildlife species face extinction. But you thought not, Nature is our home. Hope that the people be properly protected in their homes.中文:今天已经是2010年了,随着我国经济的迅速发展和人口增加,城市规模也不断扩大,这即带来了好处,居住条件日益改善、商业得以迅速发展、吸引更多的投资。




中文:Dear Mary我是Li Hua,我是你下个学期的同学,我们班有50位学生,大家学习都很用功,我们经常互相帮助,所以大家的学习成绩都很好,你们可以讲英语和中文两种语言,请你不要担心和我们说话,这样以来,我们可以教你中文,你可以教我们英语。

再见!Li Hua

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